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Triple EEE Management Support is a Services and Solution provider, brokering the Experience, Expertise and Excellence of ex Shell staff (and others), and is specialised in consulting services and provision of staff to the oil, gas, chemical, power, renewable, mining and related processing industries. Our key services are listed on the Services and Training page. The company was established in 1994 and has since carried out many projects for customers across the globe.

The scope of our services covers the full value chain, from upstream to downstream to chemicals and power, and goes from strategic, technical and operational advice to hands-on implementation support, coaching, and training. In all cases, we collaborate with you to tailor our involvement to your needs. Focus is improvements and cost savings, but many of our services address specific tasks or issues. Our Recruitment which is just one of our services can also supply experienced personnel on secondment or on contract in your organization.

Most senior managers and specialists in our network have acquired their deep understanding of your industry and the ability to work in international and multicultural environments by working for Shell and other Oil & Gas companies.

Based on our experience, expertise and excellence, Triple EEE can support companies to invest in the right projects and help improve the client’s bottom line. Examples of services we can offer in this context are:

  • Independent project reviews underpinning major decisions (VARs), but also to review opportunities to reduce Capex/Opex, highgrade portfolio, expand markets, market new products etc.
  • Interim stress test for capital projects
  • Production optimization, as well as establishing efficiency gains and cost reductions in the client’s operations (e.g. Operational excellence, Drilling the Limit, Flawless Start-up)
  • M&A support to commercial activities
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