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About Triple EEE

The company was established in 1994.

The concept - to broker in the experience, expertise and excellence of ex-Shell employees - is the brain child of Onno Renaud, the founder of the company. He is an ex Shell employee himself.

In 2001 the company was sold to the Asteralus Group of companies with a minority percentage of the shares of Triple EEE for the present owner Peter de Jager, who is also a ex-Shell employee. After leaving Shell Peter became director / shareholder of Burdock Maintenance Consultants. In 2003 he traded his shares to gain full control of Triple EEE in 2003 because he saw the potential of this company to be able assist Major Energy Companies with the best possible know how available in the market.

Since then the company, despite operating in a relatively small niche market, has expanded worldwide with three sister companies (two in Malaysia and one in UAE Abu Dhabi) and a number of agents in other countries servicing the expanding business.

As per today Triple EEE is growing steadily. We aim to deliver the highest quality available in this market at reasonable cost. The number of our Clients is growing steadily. We expect a continuous growth in this market segment in the coming five years and expect to increase our number of offices and in house consultants yearly.

All our senior consultants and the management are former Shell staff and know the business from their own experience.

Triple EEE's main office is located in Rijswijk close to the oil city of Rijswijk / The Hague in the Netherlands. The office is based in a national Monument which has (and is) being converted to a modern office in a very pleasant surrounding where we hope to meet all our staff and Clients.
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