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About Us

Triple EEE is a global company with offices in the Netherlands, Malaysia and UAE (Abu Dhabi), partners with global office networks and agents in many countries. Our company was established in 1994 and has steadily developed its capability and customer base ever since. Our professional network now counts more than 3000 managers and specialists. Our client list includes owner/operators such as Shell, Repsol, Petronas, Aramco, Sabic and Reliance, but also Engineering and Service companies and the some of the big Accountancies. Triple EEE has a core team consisting of Directors, Sr Consultants, Service Managers and Advisors as well as a dedicated Support Company Triple EEE Shared Services.

Peter de Jager CEO 
Hong Siang Siew Director Triple EEE Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur 
René Snoodijk General Manager Triple EEE Management Support BV 
Hugo Cerutti Director Triple EEE IT Services BV
Michel Lensink General Manager Triple EEE Shared Services BV
Peter Verhulst  Sr. Manager Services & Client Relations UAE
Vincent Busch Sr. Consultant Upstream & Value Assurance Reviews
Kees van Gelder Sr Consultant Upstream
Kees van den Akker Sr Consultant Value Assurance Reviews
Maarten Korsten Sr. Consultant Legal 
Lin Chien Lee Sr. Consultant Downstream
Sander de Wit HR Manager
Nancy Dijkers Finance Manager TEMS, TESS, TEHC, MHVB
Lim Peik Hoon  Finance Manager Triple EEE Sdn Bhd


Triple EEE has been investing heavily in its people resources and uses their experience and expertise to offer independent advice on successful technology, industry practises and methods to deliver performance improvements to your business. Thanks to the quality of our staff we have established a reputation for excellence in customer engagement and delivery of results
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