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Maarten Korsten

A seasoned Legal Professional with over thirty years of Experience and Expertise in Shell. Was involved in HR, Contracts, Mergers and Acquisitions, Concessions, Negotiations, Company Restructuring and Legal Advice at Shell's Coorperate Level. Joined Triple EEE Management Support as their Legal Associate and Sr Legal Consultant. Can be contacted through

Main Characteristicts:

  • Managing people: Ability to coach and develop staff to their full potential; Impact and influence in leading change.
  • Managing business: Highly regarded for ability to bring complex issues back to their essence (“keep it simple”); efficient, result-oriented, practical delivery on time.
  • Managing interfaces: Track record in managing interfaces, complex joint venture situations, complex negotiations and multi-stakeholder issues.
  • Managing himself: Open to learning; maintains composure when under pressure and is able to deal with senior colleagues as an equal; strong enterprise first behavior.
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