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With our deep understanding of the Energy Industry and our ability to work in international and multicultural environments, Triple EEE can help you develop and implement Solutions tailored to your needs. Listening to and working with our clients is our strength. We focus our efforts on turning insights and plans into real improvements of your business.
We can assist clients in developing Strategies and Plans, in reviewing Business Processes, Systems & Tools, in carrying out Audits & Reviews and in solving a wide range of problems. A help desk can be offered as part of a Technical Service Agreement.

Your staff is the most important asset of your company. Triple EEE can offer Training programs which focus on practical application, such that you will see immediate results from this investment in your staff. The Training level, duration and format – coaching/mentoring, classroom based or a combination thereof – can be discussed to suit your specific requirements. Additionally, expertise can be provided to assess & develop competencies and to improve effectiveness of your people.

The Services & Training listed below cover a wide range of topics that are critical to the Oil & Gas (both Up- and Downstream) and Energy industry. In order to cover the full, as well as integrated spectrum of Risks in these businesses, we offer Technical, Economical, Commercial, Organisational & Political, as well as General / overall activities.
Please use the below links to read about examples of Services & Training that Triple EEE can design and offer to customers.

Other Solutions

You didn´t find what you are looking for in the list of Solutions examples? Very likely our broad range of skills and experience enables us to help you tackle your business challenge and/or help you improve the capability and performance of your staff.
We welcome the opportunity to explore with you how we can help you improve your business performance. Please take a minute to Contact us by phone or email, or use the Client Enquiry Communication form on this site.
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